Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

This afternoon I walked down along our creek and back into our woods. Who needs Glacier National Park, anyway? We have some beautiful sights right in our own backyard. Sure, Glacier has huckleberries everywhere, but right now Nebraska has mulberries everywhere.

My excuse for going to the woods was to look for mushrooms. I've always wanted to find some morels, but so far have never seen any. Any hunters out there who want to guide me? Since we've had cool, wet weather, I did see loads of tiny mushrooms, but nothing edible (I don't think).

And, there were a variety of flying attractions. Frittilaries, dragonflies, and birds.
I thought this bright blue dragonfly was beautiful!

And . . . blue seemed to be the color of the day. I had the privilege of watching an indigo bunting pair along the creek. Although I have occasionally seen them in our backyard, I hadn't yet this year. They are so pretty.

And, last time I promised a picture of the oriole pair at the feeder. This is my best shot at that.
And for those who like their birds a little larger, here's a turkey strutting on the edge of our front yard. We typically have a small flock down in the field in the mornings, but once in a while one will venture a little closer to the house.
Hope you enjoyed this little nature walk.
Have a great day!


Susan said...

Your photos are awesome! I love seeing them. I have a new post, but put all my photos on my flickr page.

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