Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Paisley!

On Thursday, Feb. 11, when we set out for Texas, we had no idea that we would drive into snow. This first picture looks like it could be Nebraska or somewhere on our way to Minnesota, but it was our worst stretch of driving in southern Oklahoma! It was snowing good and only the driving lane was clear. Fortunately, we made it safely to Annie's in Longview.Friday morning we woke up to 3-4 inches of snow. David remembered only one other time of snow in Texas and that was when he was in high school. It was exciting to build a snowman with Paisley.
Isn't he cute?

This is my favorite picture of Paisley for the week.

Since we had gone to Texas for Paisley's birthday, we enjoyed partying with her and all her friends. Here she is with the Cinderella cake that Annie made her.

Here she is in her Cinderella dress, holding a tiny Cinderella. We think the big Cinderella is the prettier one!
Last, but not least, here she is with Grandpa on Valentine's Day. Two of my sweethearts! Grandpa celebrated his birthday, too, and David's is today.
Happy Birthday to all our Februarys!