Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Adventure 2010 Begins!

Steph has a great blog post about her trip to Nebraska at and some cute pictures, but these are my pictures of the same days.
I love this first picture of Bri from the Firth playground.

I was really excited to take the girls to the Prairieland Dairy Days because I'd never been to it. It is quite the event! My hats are off to all the Prairieland people for their tremendous gift to our community. We need to ALL be buying their milk whenever we can.

Emily's milk moustache, of course.

Emily and I explored the tunnels under the giant haystack. That was fun!
Even though we had ice cream at Dairy Days, we had another cone that evening. Never too much ice cream for the Traudt/Brandt girls! Plus, it was a reward for working so hard on their stepping stones for my garden. Now their stones are next to Jacob's from 10 years ago. Next will be Rainey's, and Paisley's, and Piper's. I can't wait!

The McDonald's we stopped at on our way to Minnesota didn't have a Playland, but did have some fun old tractors to climb on. These pictures are for Great-grandpa Miles!

This picture is out of order (not sure what happened). We had a wonderful tea party with Jessie's tea set (thanks, Jessie) and some strawberries, blueberries, and granola bars, and lemonade, of course.

Last time I was in Minnesota in April, I took the girls over to their nearby park in the double stroller (just like always) and now they're riding their bikes! They've grown up already--sad, but exciting, too.

Hope to keep you posted on my Summer 2010 adventures.
Have a great day!


Jess said...

Hey Margaret! You took some great pictures! :) I can't believe how big Steph's girls are getting! Those stepping stones are really great. How did you make them? Did they come in a kit?


Margaret said...

Thanks, Jess, for keeping up with my blog. You can buy a kit for about $20.00, but we just bought the plastic forms, the stepping stone cement, and some little stones for decorations. That way we could do two for less than the price of one. We bought ours at Hobby Lobby, but they probably have them other places, since Minnesotans don't have Hobby Lobby.

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