Friday, April 23, 2010


While in Minnesota last week, we got to watch Jessie in her tennis match against Northwestern. This is a cute picture of her with her doubles partner.

The next day Jessie took us around to see a few of the Minneapolis sites. This is Minnehaha Falls, a beautiful spot. Steph has lived in Minneapolis since 1994--how come she never took us here?
Here's a darling picture of Emily and Bri on the day of Emily's ladybug birthday party. She is quite the little lady.

I had fun sewing Emily's Snow White dress. Now Paisley is Cinderella, Emily is Snow White, Bri will be ?, and Annie's little girl-to-be will be ? We are going to have a little string of princesses!

This is my favorite picture of Emily.

And, this is a cute picture of Bri and Kevin clowning around. We had a great trip and it's always good to see our little girls, as well as our bigger girls and their guys.

When we arrived home, everything was blooming--the crabapple tree, the tulips, the bleeding heart, and the plums. Beautiful and fragrant!

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Embraced by the Father

Are you a faithful fan of “Dancing with the Stars”? Yes? Keep reading. Not so much? Keep reading. Are you curious about what Hagar, Sarah, Esther, Elisha, Gideon, and others have in common with the waltz, the fox trot, and the jitterbug?

Embraced by the Father, Susanne Scheppmann’s latest Bible study, uses a background of dance themes to teach us that God wants us to dance through life in His everlasting arms.

Susanne weaves the stories (some deeply moving, some incredibly hilarious) of her own life of wanting to be embraced by the father with the stories of Bible characters finding God’s grace in the names of God.

Embraced can be appreciated in several layers. You can read the stories of Susanne’s life as a young girl growing up in a seemingly impossible family situation before being rescued and redeemed by an almighty, loving heavenly father. Or, you can study the stories of Bible characters in their journeys with the same gracious father. Or, you can read Embraced to learn the Hebrew names for God and the relevance of those names for us today.

As women, we all seek safety, strength, and security. Embraced by the Father, available at, points all women, regardless of age and circumstance, to the only father who can perfectly provide for those desires. Read and study through Susanne’s recent work and learn to stand on Jesus’ feet as he leads you across the dance floor of his kingdom.

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