Friday, June 18, 2010

Stormy Skies

Although some parts of our country have had too much rain, we've had just enough to keep plants watered and make some beautiful stormy skies. These first pictures were taken last night.
Lightning or lightening--God does both.

This morning started out beautiful and clear, but another quick storm soon rolled through.

This is Ingrid's barn as the sky darkened.

But, in the midst, I caught a shot of this eight spotted forester moth.

I hope all your storms have been beautiful ones.
Have a great day!


Susan said...

I love the photos! Especially the one of Ingrid's barn. We are in the middle of a mini heat wave, but have still had nights in the 50's!

Michelle Traudt said...

Wow, those are great pictures!! That one of Ingrid's barn almost doesn't even look real. I think you could win some photo contests with those!

Susan said...

When I look at the photos again, I am really impressed by the sky in the first one. It is especially apt following the review of Billy Graham's book.

Anonymous said...

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