Friday, May 21, 2010

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens, and an Oriole

When Steph and Annie and Jessie were little, they always loved to play with baby kittens for many hours during the spring and summer. They named each one and remembered their names even long after the kittens were gone. We used to tease Steph that her picture albums had more cats in them than people.

Well, last year with Jessie gone to camp most of the summer, the kittens didn't get named until Jacob came and figured out a fitting name for each. But, since he wasn't here long to play with them, I soon forgot their names.

Now we have 5 little kittens from a no-name mother. Aren't they cute? Aren't all kittens cute?

I've titled the first picture, "Jessie, where are you? Or Rainey, or Emily, or Paisley, or Bri? Where's a little girl to snuggle with?"

"Moving Day"
They were born in our old garage, but today the mother decided to move them up closer to the house--I suppose that means we'll have to buy more cat food! They are almost too heavy for her to carry. First she carried one and three followed, then she must have gone back for the fifth one.

"So CUTE!"
At card party tonight, one couple said they would take two. Yippee! How many do you want?

Of course, I had to add a picture of the oriole that has been coming to my feeder. He is eating grape jelly from the orange cup. I so enjoy watching them from the kitchen window. He is gorgeous and his song is beautiful. His mate also comes. I'll try to get a picture of both of them.
Have a great day!


Jessie said...

Ahhh, I haven't seen kitties for the longest time :(

Susanne Scheppmann said...

I want one! Please, Mark, pretty please?

Stephanie Brandt said...

These pictures are so cute, mom! I wish the girls were there to play with them. Are they very tame?

Margaret said...

Yes, they're very tame. I'm not sure why because we didn't really see or touch them until just last week. But, the mother is very mild-mannered, so they are, as well. Same as with people!Why don't you bring the girls down while we still have them?

Susan said...

Really great photos! The oriole is amazing. I haven't seen one in years. I went geocaching with the kids yesterday though and we saw some kind of flicker (maybe---something with a yellow belly and a crested head) fly out of a hole in a tree just as we walked by.

Michelle Traudt said...

Cute pictures!! Those kittens are so cute! I'll have to show Rainey when she gets back from her trip to the beach. She will wish she was there to help name them. She comes up with the funniest names. She wanted to name our cat "Purry" when we got her. I told her I might have a hard time saying that. :)

Rita said...

When I first read the title I thought how clever to get an Oreo cookie involved. Then I looked it over again and now am beginning to think I need some of your tutoring.

Kittens are darling.

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