Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Jessie spent most of her summer in the Two Medicine General Store in Glacier National Park. This was her "day" job as a part of the ministry of A Christian Ministry in National Parks http://www.acmnp.com/. During her paid work week (usually a full 40 hours) she helped open the store for the season, ran cash register, kept shelves stocked, worked in the cafe/snack area, sold bear spray, and visited with workers and tourists from all over the world.

Her store is a registered national landmark because President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once gave a fireside chat in front of this fireplace, and after him, President Herbert Hoover visited.

On Sundays throughout the tourist season, Jessie worked with a team of 2-4 other college students who provided worship services for park workers and visitors. They had both Sunday morning and Sunday evening services with worship music and a short devotional.
This dapper gentleman is "Jammer Joe," a special friend on the support board of the ministry. They are adults either working in the park or living nearby who provide prayer and encouragement for the students working away from home, sometimes in rather isolated situations. He is a dear man who worked in Glacier as a college student then returned when he heard they were hiring seniors. He drives a "jammer," one of the refurbished red buses in the next picture.

This last picture was taken on the last night of our visit when the other students on the team and a couple friends joined us for a cookout. They are all great kids who love God's creation and serving His people.
So. . . if you know an adventurous college student who needs a great job for next summer, encourage them to check out the website above and start the application process. I would have LOVED this job as a college student. The ministry started in 1951, but no one ever told me about it!
Or. . . if you're ever visiting any of our national parks on a Sunday, be sure to attend the worship service in the park and tell the kids there how much you appreciate them. Most people are not aware the services are available.
Have a great day!


Odie Langley said...

Looks like a wonderful bunch of young folks for sure. The place is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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