Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging Out with Paisley

This picture of the crepe myrtle in Annie's yard was supposed to be at the end, but turned up here at the beginning. Still beautiful.
Hanging out with Paisley has been loads of fun. We've done a variety of things together. Here's an interesting clay castle that was fun.

One day we took Paisley's scooter to her local park.

Another day we went to the local Farmer's Market and John was fascinated with this bean sheller one of the vendors had in the back of his pick-up. Customers were lined up for the black-eyed peas (purple hull beans) he was shelling.

Here's Paisley with John, holding the fresh blueberries we bought.

After the market we went to Kid's View, a super neat park with all kinds of towers, slides, bridges, etc.

I love this picture of Paisley peeking through this frame. Aren't her curls darling?
This little horse made from a tire is unique!

One day Paisley and I had a tea party. We planned to do it on the deck, but a downpour prevented that (since Paisley is terrified of even a tiny sprinkle). We planned to wear Paisley's pink hats, but she chickened out on me.

This is a better picture. Notice our flowers--we made them from magazine pages.
Check back for pictures of the Great Texas Balloon Race. It began this morning.
Have a great day!


Odie Langley said...

She is such a darling little girl and I can tell by the expressions that both of you had a wonderful time with her. Cherish these times Margaret. I know I do with my grandsons

Maher Family said...

I love the crepe myrtle and I have one in my back yard. So beautiful this time of year. Your daughter is adorable by the way. Love your blog!!

Margaret said...

Maher Family, Paisley is my granddaughter. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Stephanie Brandt said...

Looks like fun times, mom! Hope you have fun celebrating Annie's golden birthday tomorrow!

Susan said...

Just love those little girl photos! What fun! And, Happy Birthday to Annie!

Susan said...

And, Pink is definitely your new color!

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