Friday, April 23, 2010


While in Minnesota last week, we got to watch Jessie in her tennis match against Northwestern. This is a cute picture of her with her doubles partner.

The next day Jessie took us around to see a few of the Minneapolis sites. This is Minnehaha Falls, a beautiful spot. Steph has lived in Minneapolis since 1994--how come she never took us here?
Here's a darling picture of Emily and Bri on the day of Emily's ladybug birthday party. She is quite the little lady.

I had fun sewing Emily's Snow White dress. Now Paisley is Cinderella, Emily is Snow White, Bri will be ?, and Annie's little girl-to-be will be ? We are going to have a little string of princesses!

This is my favorite picture of Emily.

And, this is a cute picture of Bri and Kevin clowning around. We had a great trip and it's always good to see our little girls, as well as our bigger girls and their guys.

When we arrived home, everything was blooming--the crabapple tree, the tulips, the bleeding heart, and the plums. Beautiful and fragrant!

Have a great day!


Jess said...

That is a great pic of Jesse and her partner! As for the falls, I have lived in MN my whole life and have never been there either - how is that possible? That Snow White costume is adorable - you did a wonderful job! :)

Michelle Traudt said...

Great pictures!!

Susan said...

I love all the photos! But particularly of your house and the tulips!

Anonymous said...

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