Sunday, January 24, 2010

Antonio Meets His Match

Antonio Meets His Match, the latest in Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends DVD series by Tommy Nelson Publishing, teaches children and adults alike that God commands us to love our neighbors, even when those neighbors are very annoying. A group of kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing, Scottish red ants move into the garden, and Antonio and Hermie are immediately offended by the newbies’ habits and attitudes. The Scotsmen don’t give an inch, and tempers flare.

After a couple altercations, Antonio and Angus agree to settle the arguments by some traditional Scottish games. Antonio is winning handily until the bagpipe playing—then, not so much. Antonio loses the contest and has to move. Both sides learn a lesson about neighborliness when Billy Croaker takes matters into his hands.

Although the actual story of Antonio Meets His Match was a little slow starting, the outcome was good and the story was true to God’s Word. We are commanded to “love our neighbors,” and not just the ones who are easy to love.

In addition to the actual story, I appreciated the Bonus features of the DVD, especially the sing-along, “How Could Anyone Not Love Me?” because Angus’ Scottish brogue was difficult to understand during the story. The other bonus features are great, as well.


Annie said...

We only have 1 Hermie movie, but Paisley really likes it.

Margaret said...

Good to know. I'll bring it to her!

Michelle Traudt said...

The Hermie movies are really cute, Rainey has one about Hermie turning into a butterfly and before that he doesn't know his purpose in life, but God is telling him to be patient that he is still working on him. It's a good lesson.

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